Since its incorporation in 2001, NGC has a long list of accomplishments covering the full spectrum from research and development projects to flight software development and in-orbit validation.



PROBA-V Satellite
(© ESA – P. Carril 2012, Source)

NGC has been involved in several space mission programs starting with the development of the Attitude Control and Navigation System (ACNS) software for PROBA-1, then continuing with, amongst others, the Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) software for the PROBA-2 and PROBA-V spacecraft.

Field Demonstrations


ALFIE Experiment Package
Mounted on Helicopter

NGC has validated its software through field demonstrations.

Research and Development


Conceptual view of the JC2Sat-FF satellites flying in along-track configuration (© CSA, JAXA)

Because NGC is continuously innovating, NGC’s employees have been involved in several R & D projects including:

  • Planetary Exploration Mission Concepts and Technologies
  • Formation Flying GNC Technologies
  • Rendezvous GNC Technologies
  • Asteroid Exploration Mission Concepts
  • Verification and Validation Technologies
  • Earth Observation Mission Concepts
  • Advanced Attitude and Orbit Control System Technologies



NGC’s employees have produced numerous publications describing NGC’s different accomplishments.