NGC appears in Business Elite Canada


Crafting Revolutionary Technology For Space and Earth Explorations

By Rajitha Sivakumaran
Vast and enigmatic, space has incited a considerable amount of fascination despite being an impossible destination for the average Earthling. Everything from ancient astronomy to modern-day extraterrestrials demonstrates our fixation with the boundless extension of our skies, but only a few devote their lives to studying the mysteries of space. In the Canadian context, Dr. Jean de Lafontaine is one such example.

President of NGC Aerospace and a professor with the Université de Sherbrooke’s faculty of engineering, Dr. de Lafontaine’s fascination with space exploration has only intensified with time. He founded NGC in 2001 and since then, the company has been making mobile vehicles autonomous and intelligent, employing breakthrough technology that has revolutionized the aerospace industry. With NGC’s technology, these vehicles rely less on human intervention or interaction. With the exception of complex decision-making and high-level monitoring, something humans are very good at, these vehicles can function independently. Software is the backbone of this artificial intelligence. Dr. de Lafontaine and his staff develop the code that goes into a computer, which in turn runs and manages the movement of various means of transport in space.

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