Mission Design & Analysis

Strong of its experience in the development of high-level software systems and simulation tools, NGC provides services for space mission design & analysis, whether it is for orbit/constellation design, user/mission requirements management or platform performance budget analysis.

NGC’s particular expertise resides in the fields of:

  • Orbital dynamics
  • Coverage analysis
  • Constellation design
  • Mission simulation
  • Pointing budgets
  • System budgets
  • Mission performance assessment

NGC performs mission performance and trade-off analyses, especially linked to platform pointing and coverage performance. NGC’s expertise allows a quick feasibility assessment of user requirements with autonomous space platforms and the identification of critical factors driving the compliance with the platform requirements.

Constellation Design

Constellation Design

POETE Monitoring of Forest Fire Event

Monitoring of Forest Fire Events with POETE mission (© CSA)

Overview of the Platform for the Observation of the Earth and for in-orbit Technology Experiments (POETE) mission concept (© CSA)

Overview of the Thin Ice Cloud Far IR Experiment (TICFIRE) mission concept (© CSA)

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