Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Based on its expertise in the development of autonomous guidance, navigation and control systems, NGC has developed systems enabling safe operations of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in proximity of surrounding obstacles.

Guidance, Navigation & Control for Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle are more and more used in challenging, unsafe, uncertain and remotely accessible environments. Under these conditions, the interaction with an operator becomes difficult or not possible in order to meet mission requirements. The level of autonomy to be implemented on-board such unmanned systems therefore needs to be augmented with advanced guidance, navigation and control (GNC) solutions. NGC is currently working on the development of GNC systems for autonomous proximity manoeuvres for UAVs.

UAV - Functional Diagram of UAV Proximity Manœuvres GNC System

Functional Diagram of UAV Proximity Manoeuvres GNC System

Examples of proximity manoeuvres include collision avoidance with surrounding obstacles, proximity manoeuvres to structures for inspection purposes and safe landing manoeuvres with avoidance of surface hazards. Examples of applications are shown below.


Bridge Inspection with UAV

Collision Avoidance with UAV during Agricultural Spraying

Power Line Inspection with UAV