Mobile Mapping System

NGC provides a mobile mapping system called R3MS (Real Time Multiplatform Mobile Mapping System) enabling the fusion of measurements from GPS sensor, inertial measurement units, Lidar and camera to obtain a geolocalized and colorized 3D map of the surrounding areas.

R3MS, Real Time Multiplatform Mobile Mapping System, is compatible with various mobile platforms, manned or unmanned, ground or aerial. R3MS is composed of three main components:

  • the sensor platform,
  • the ground station and
  • the calibration system.
Mobile Mapping System Diagram

Mobile Mapping System Diagram

Mobile Mapping System Operational Scenario on Car

Mobile Mapping System Operational Scenario on Car


Mobile Mapping System Operational Scenario on UAV

Sensor Platform

The sensor platform combines in a single package the sensor suite, the processing unit and the communication unit. This platform is installed on the moving vehicle such as manned or manned ground and aerial vehicles.

Ground Station

The ground station contains the user interface computer and the communication unit. The ground station communicates with the sensor platform either by wired connection or wireless. The users interact easily in real-time with the sensor platform in order to process, visualise and store data products through the graphical user interface.

Calibration System

The calibration system provides the user with the capability of calibrating the sensor platform in order to maximise the accuracy of the data products. Commanded from the ground station user interface, the calibration system routine enables accurate identification of sensor alignment and optical properties.


The applications are both in the commercial field and in the military field. It aims at providing users with three-dimensional geolocalized mapping image products of high quality and high accuracy with minimum latency.

Geolocalised Point Cloud

Geolocalized Point Cloud

Colorised Point Cloud

Colorization of the point cloud with camera images Cloud