Test, Calibration & Validation Services

NGC provides expertise in the validation of guidance, navigation and control systems by software simulations, laboratory experiments and in-the-field campaigns. NGC offers its expertise in the preparation and the execution of such test campaigns. NGC also has expertise and tools for the calibration of sensors such as cameras, Lidars and inertial measurement units (IMUs).

Validation facilities

The NGC laboratory is composed of a 6-DOF robot mounted on a 15.2 m linear slide (see figure below). This simulation infrastructure, funded by the Canadian Space Agency and NGC, aims at providing highly repeatable real-time simulation and hardware-in-the-loop validation capability avoiding the need to develop complex sensors, lighting and surface software models that are required when computer simulations are used as validation tools. The use of such simulation infrastructure aims at bridging the gap at efficient cost between purely software simulations and full-scale field demonstrations.

NGCLAB Validation Facilities

Pictures of NGC Laboratory Validation Facilities (Copyright: NGC)


Diagram of NGC Laboratory Validation Facilities (Copyright: NGC)


Sensors calibration facilities existing at NGC are shown below.

NGC LAB Calibration Facilities

Pictures of Calibration Facilities (Copyright: NGC)